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😥 How innocent transfers to wallets can lead to a complete loss of your capital?

Friends, today we want to delve more into one of the most popular ways scammers use to steal your crypto.

⚡️ It is because of this that you may inadvertently transfer your funds to scammers' wallets.

How it works:

suppose you want to make several transfers from your wallet in USDT to the same recipient. You copy the necessary address, paste it in your wallet (let's say Trust Wallet), specify the transfer amount, and confirm the transaction.

And everything seems fine, USDT is sent to the recipient. So, what's the catch?

The catch is that scammers have learned to create smart contracts that track others' transfers, and then automatically send small amounts to the senders' addresses.

The trick is that the addresses from which these small amounts are sent are made very similar to those with which you have recently interacted (see the picture).

❗️ As a result, when making the next transfer, your wallet will suggest choosing an address with which you have already interacted. Naturally, the first one on the list will be a wallet address that looks very similar to the one you need, belonging to scammers.

Often, inexperienced crypto users do not pay attention to this and select the suggested address. What happens next?

Exactly, you can forget about the assets you sent.

Conclusion: with each transfer of funds from your wallet, always re-copy the recipient's address and double-check it.

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