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What is halving?

🪙 Why should you consider buying Bitcoin now?

This month, there will be an event that can fundamentally change your view of cryptocurrency investments - the Bitcoin halving.

⚡️ Halving is a mechanism embedded in the Bitcoin algorithm that reduces the block mining reward by half, thereby decreasing the speed of new coin issuance.

In simpler terms, after halving, mining Bitcoins will become more difficult, and the total number of BTC in the market will remain the same (a maximum of 21 million coins can be mined). And this is one of the factors indicating that Bitcoin will only continue to rise in price 📈

This significant event occurs approximately every four years, and we are about to witness another halving.

History tells us that after halvings, the price of Bitcoin has risen rapidly:

🟠 In 2012, the price increased by an impressive 8000%!

🟠 In 2016, it was 1000% in the following year.

🟠 In 2020, after the halving, the price increased by over 500%.

If you are thinking about buying cryptocurrency or hesitating, it's time to make a decision!

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